Greetings everyone! Before Labor Day weekend we would like to share some vital info regarding home remedy whitening. We know you all will want those sparkling pearly whites while taking photos over the holiday weekend. 

Here is some info regarding a Hot trend that is sweeping social media. 

Did you know that home remedies like activated charcoal can actually damage your tooth enamel instead of providing a safe bright smile??

Here I have embeded the link for those who would like to learn more.

Activated charcoal has been known as a “cure all” remedy for years. Used in products for expelling toxins, taming flatulence and unclogging pores in facial masks to name a few. Now the “miracle in a tube’ is being put in tooth care products like pastes and DIY recipes you can use at home.

 “Despite its popularity, there’s no scientific evidence backing up activated charcoal’s benefits for teeth.

Since there’s no data behind the claims that activated charcoal is safe or effective, products containing this ingredient aren’t eligible for the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance.

According to the ADA, activated charcoal’s abrasive texture might even harm rather than whiten teeth by wearing down tooth enamel.

Before you go mixing your own batch, we thought you should know  that the American Dental Association, warns that the use of these products is actually quite abrasive to your tooth enamel.” (Whelan 1.)

With that being said, you are removing not only stains, but also an important layer of your teeth if used in excess.

Discuss with your dentist the safety of any over the counter and professional whitening products to determine the best choice for your needs. Bi-annual dental cleanings can remove superficial stains like those from food and drinks. Deeper more embedded discoloration may require professional strength whitening agents. Let the dentists recommend the safest most effective way to whitening your teeth at your next dental appointment. Let Arents Family Dentistry show you the best products to keep those smiles bright, we can also fit you for custom teeth bleaching trays to be used as directed by the professionals.

Come make an appointment today for your teeth whitening consultation!