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Serving the area around the Brazos Valley beginning in 1984, Arents DDS has earned a very good name for giving exceptional care and individualized assistance to clients trying to find Teeth Whitening.

Since relocating to the Brazos Valley back in 1984 to carry out dental treatment, hundreds of individuals and their families seeking out Teeth Whitening have benefited from the expertise obtained at Arents DDS:

  • Damaged teeth restored, alignment restored, spaces filled, and lots of additional professional services!
  • Restoration dental procedures and also substitution with crowns or dental prosthesis whenever recommended!
  • Experienced oral hygiene to avoid plaque accumulation, diseased gums and decay!

Whenever you are in need of Teeth Whitening in the Brazos Valley, Arents DDS is present with you the whole time.

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With Arents DDS, patients living in and around the area encompassing the Brazos Valley have learned to count on and have confidence in the dentistry procedures they experience any time they end up requiring Teeth Whitening. Very few dental practices in the Brazos Valley have dental professionals who could go over their patient's dental conditions in both English and Spanish - Arents DDS is one.

As a center utilizing advanced tools and procedures, Arents DDS is able to diagnose and resolve your dental difficulties with information, experience, and empathy for our customers.

Experience Excellent Teeth Whitening Within A Family Friendly Location!

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