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Located in the Brazos Valley beginning in 1984, Arents DDS has obtained a well-earned status for giving excellent treatment and individualized treatments to clients requiring Dentist Office.

Since relocating to the Brazos Valley back in 1984 to practice dentistry, a lot of of individuals and their families searching for Dentist Office have taken advantage of the expertise acquired at Arents DDS:

  • Injured teeth fixed, positioning restored, gaps eliminated, and several other services!
  • Restoration oral therapy and substitution through crowns or bridges if recommended!
  • Experienced dental prophylaxis to reduce oral plaque build-up, diseased gum area and decay!

If you may be seeking Dentist Office in the Brazos Valley, Arents DDS is present at your side the whole time.

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At Arents DDS, clients located within and close to the region surrounding the Brazos Valley have learned to turn to and have confidence in the oral therapy they receive whenever they are requiring Dentist Office. Not many dental care practices around the Brazos Valley have dentists who can go over their patient's dentistry issues in both Spanish and English - Arents DDS is one of them.

Being a center applying advanced tools and procedures, Arents DDS will identify and fix your dental problems due to education, working experience, and compassion for our patients.

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